Sectional Overhead Garage Doors

The sectional garage overhead door is offered in three designs: straight, ribbed and paneled.

It consists of panels height 50 cm each, mating with each other throughout the length of the door. At the opening of each door leaf 'breaks' and dragged along the ceiling.

Panels are made ​​from double cladding galvanized steel sheet with thickness of 0,6 mm. The panel filling is made ​​with polyurethane foam thickness 40 mm, density of 45 kg / m3  and thermal conductivity 0,45 kcal.  The result is a high degree of insulation & soundproofing.

Perfect fit is achieved thanks to special sealant rubber that is installed between the panels as well as the bottom of the door. The door slides on guides from galvanized sheet metal thickness 2 mm with special castors made ​​of polyamide, ensuring high strength and noise reduction.

Paint is electrostatic and the desired color.